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As a private dental practice in Vail, AZ, we take pride in being a part of the history of our community. We are honorable in our word. We are dedicated to helping our community keep healthy smiles.


The quality of dental care you receive and the health of your family is our main priority at Vail Family Dentistry. Our dentists and team members stand by the quality of our work with integrity.


We understand that the dental office can be a place of fear. With a friendly atmosphere and no judgment, we take the time to make sure you’re comfortable and being cared for with kindness. See you soon!

At Vail Family Dentistry, we believe in long-lasting relationships built on a foundation of trust.

In our office, your smile is our mission, and your comfort is our priority. Vail Family Dentistry is “Dental care designed with YOU in mind.”

Meet Your Dentists

Dr. Christopher Ballew, D.D.S.

Dr. Christopher Ballew, DDS

Dr. Chris Ballew, DDS is an Arizona native, having grown up in Mesa, Arizona. He graduated from UOP in San Francisco and has been practicing dentistry ever since. Dr. Ballew has been an artist his whole life, and teeth are just his latest canvas. Apart from Dentistry, he’s a family man with a wife and 6 amazing boys. Dr. Ballew enjoys getting to know his patients and having a good laugh with them.

Dr. David Robillard, D.D.S.

Dr. David Robillard, DDS

Dr. David Robillard, DDS was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. As a young and avid Wildcat fan, he was excited to attend the University of Arizona. He graduated with a BS in Biology from the University of Arizona. He continued his education at the University of Southern California, where he earned his doctorate in Dental Surgery in 2014. In addition to dentistry he has an amazing wife and two beautiful kids. Dr. Robillard has a very genuine kind nature that resonates with his patients and puts them at ease.

Comprehensive dental services offered by Vail Family Dentistry in Vail, AZ.

Family dental office in Vail AZ

Family & Pediatric Dentistry

Discover the perfect place for your family’s dental health and happiness! At Vail Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing top-notch oral care for patients of all ages. Come in and experience the difference that quality family dental care can make.
Vail Dentist Office

Comfortable Dentistry

We understand the fears that can accompany dental visits. Our gentle, compassionate team specializes in making your experience relaxed and anxiety-free. Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from achieving the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Enjoy amenities like blankets, supportive pillows, Eye masks, earplugs and nitrous oxide to make your visit as comfortable as possible.
Vail Dentists

Emergency Dentistry

Dental accidents happen. And when they do, pick up the phone and give us a call. From lost fillings, to teeth that get knocked out, we’ve got your entire family covered! We’ll let you know what to do and we’ll prioritize your appointment.

Dental Office in Vail

Dental Implants

Rediscover your smile and embrace the transformative power of Dental Implants! They are a long-lasting, reliable option for replacing missing teeth, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. Implants support overall oral health by preventing bone loss and preserving the integrity of adjacent teeth.

cosmetic dentistry in Vail AZ

Cosmetic Dentistry

Unlock the radiant, confident smile you’ve always dreamed of with Vail Family dentistry. Your smile is unique, and we treat it as such. Our personalized approach ensures that your goals are met from teeth whitening, veneers and more.
Dental Implants Vail, AZ

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Bring back the beauty and functionality of your smile through expertly crafted dental crown and bridge Work that is backed by our warranty. We use the latest in dental technology to create crowns and bridges with precision.

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We believe in making you feel at home. Call us today at (520) 762-3236 to talk about getting the smile of your dreams! You can also use the contact form to email us.

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A featured review of Vail Family Dentistry from a Vail, AZ dental patient neighbor.


5 Star Dental Patient Review

“An Awesome Experience!”

What an awesome experience! After having a horrible experience with another Vail Dentist Office, I decided to switch to Vail Family Dentistry. There was absolutely no comparison. Vail Family Dentistry had friendly knowledgeable reception staff, and the people in the back were wonderful as well. Dr. David was AMAZING. So nice and caring and NO UP SELLING. He looked at my X-rays, he proposed a cleaning, and that was it. He spent time with me discussing issues I had, gave me advice on how to handle them at home, game me supplies to use, and was kind to my 8 year old who I brought with me. I cannot thank them enough for restoring my faith in humanity, and alieving my fears of the dentist. The prices were fair, and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Vail Family Dentistry. ~Chrystal Patterson

Top reasons to choose Vail Family Dentistry

Our Team
Our team is dedicated to welcome you with warmth and kindness. We take special care to ensure your comfort during treatments, using a friendly approach to minimize discomfort and anxiety.

Our team of dentists is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy, radiant smile. They approach each patient with care, empathy, and a commitment to providing the best possible dental care. Your oral health and overall well-being are their top priorities, and they’re here to support you at every step of your dental journey.

Our dental hygienists genuinely care about your oral health. They take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and understand your individual needs. You’ll find their chairside manner to be warm and reassuring, making your dental visit a comfortable experience.

Our dental assistants are an essential part of our team, and they work closely with our dentists to provide top-quality dental care. Their dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail are key factors in making your dental visits with us a positive and pleasant experience.
Our front desk staff is dedicated to providing you with a positive and hassle-free experience at our dental office.

Our History
We’re proud to be a part of your community, and we’re excited to welcome you to our dental office, where you’ll experience the warm and welcoming atmosphere of family dentistry while receiving high-quality care for a healthy and radiant smile. At our private dental practice, we’re committed to creating a unique and exceptional experience for our patients. You are not just a patient; you’re a valued part of our dental family, and we’re here to provide you with the personalized, high-quality care you deserve. Your comfort, oral health, and overall satisfaction are our top priorities, and we look forward to continuing to serve you and your community.

Our Core Values
Our core values of honesty, integrity, and care form the foundation of our practice’s culture. We are unwavering in our commitment to upholding these values, ensuring that our patients receive not only exceptional dental care but also the respect, trust, and support they deserve. Your health, comfort, and satisfaction are paramount, and we will continue to uphold these principles in everything we do.

We provide dental services for your entire family

Ensure your family’s dental health today! Your family’s health and well-being are paramount. Don’t let dental issues become painful problems. With the dental team at Vail Family Dentistry, you’re not just getting a dentist; you’re gaining a partner committed to your family’s oral health journey.

The power of preventative dentistry for your family

Early Detection: Preventative dentistry focuses on catching and addressing dental issues before they become severe. This means fewer treatments, less discomfort, and more savings in the long run.

Maintain Oral Health: Regular cleanings remove plaque and tartar, preventing cavities and gum disease. Fluoride treatments and sealants offer added protection against decay.

Educate & Empower: Our team not only provides care but also educates families on proper brushing, flossing, and dietary habits to maintain optimal oral health at home.

Protect Overall Health: Oral health is closely linked to overall health. Preventative dentistry can help detect signs of diseases like diabetes or heart conditions, ensuring early intervention.

Taking action for your family

Prevention is Better Than Cure: With preventative dentistry, you’re investing in your family’s future health. Regular dental check-ups can detect issues before they escalate, saving you time, discomfort, and money.

Educate the Young: Instilling good dental habits from a young age sets the foundation for a lifetime of oral health.

A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words: A confident smile can boost self-esteem. Ensure your family feels their best, both inside and out.

Why choose Vail Family Dentistry?

Comprehensive Care for All Ages: Whether it’s a routine check-up, orthodontic braces, or geriatric dental care, the Vail Family Dentistry dentists are equipped to address the diverse needs of every family member.

Familiarity and Trust: Building a relationship with one dental team over the years fosters trust. Your family will feel more at ease knowing they’re in capable and familiar hands.

Convenience: Say goodbye to juggling multiple dental appointments at different clinics. With family dentistry, coordinate visits for the entire family, saving time and ensuring consistent care.

Checkups and teeth cleaning

At Vail Family Dentistry, we recommend regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Our professional cleaning goes beyond what brushing and flossing at home can achieve, effectively removing plaque and tartar. By eliminating this build-up, we help prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Our focus is on preventative care, ensuring that small problems are addressed early on, before they become complex and difficult to treat. Trust us to provide you with the best dental care possible.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, the natural whiteness of your teeth can diminish or become discolored due to your dietary choices, personal habits, or the natural aging process. Here at Vail Family Dentistry, we offer teeth whitening procedures that can revive the radiance of your smile. Our highly effective teeth whitening method has a well-established reputation for significantly enhancing the whiteness of your smile by up to six shades in a short period of time. We would be delighted to discuss your whitening options and work together to determine the most suitable treatment to ensure that your smile looks as good as it feels.

Innovative dental technology for your health

Here at our modern dental office in Vail, AZ, we utilize the most advanced, up-to-date technology in order to diagnose and treat dental problems with the highest level of accuracy and effectiveness. We use non-invasive, painless equipment to instantly produce high-resolution dental images that allow our dentist to identify problems such as tooth decay, worn enamel, gum disease, or micro-fractures that would normally remain undetectable and untreated.

Serving Vail, AZ And Beyond With All Major Dental Services

While many of our loyal dental patients travel hundreds of miles to see us, most of our patient come from Vail, AZ and the surrounding areas. We have many 5-star reviews and testimonials from nearby communities such as:

Sahuarita, AZ
Tanque Verde, AZ
Littletown, AZ
Rancho Del Lago, AZ

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Green Valley, AZ
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You deserve a beautiful, confident smile and healthy teeth.

As the oldest, longest established dentist office in Vail, AZ, we are dedicated to offering the best dental care to our community. With our core values of Honesty, Quality and Care, we are proud to serve as your family's dental practice.

Vail Family Dentistry Office
Vail Family Dentistry
Dentist in Vail, AZ

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How can we support your family's dental health?

Pediatric and Family Dentistry

We love kids! Setting your children on the path to a lifetime of great dental health is a great passion of ours. We take our role in the community seriously and look forward to serving your entire family. LEARN ABOUT OUR APPROACH TO FAMILY DENTISTRY...

Full Mouth Restoration

Have missing or bad teeth? We can restore your smile with dental implants. Eat what you want again and smile with confidence. LEARN ABOUT DENTAL IMPLANTS...

Cosmetic Dentistry

You can finally get the Smile Of Your Dreams with expert cosmetic dentistry techniques from Vail Family Dentistry. MORE ON COSMETIC DENTISTRY...

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