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At Vail Family Dentistry, we offer a wide range of general dental services tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients’ entire families.

Our family dentistry services include:

  • Dental Cleanings and Examinations: Preventative dentistry is essential for maintaining good oral health.
  • Tooth Fillings: Repair cavities and restore the function of the affected tooth.
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges: Restore the appearance and function of damaged or missing teeth.
  • Dental Implants and Dentures: Replace missing teeth and enhance your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Dentistry

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry focuses on offering comprehensive dental care for family members of all ages. From toddlers getting their first tooth to grandparents seeking denture adjustments, family dentists are equipped to handle the diverse needs of every family member. At Vail Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and welcoming environment where every member of your family can feel at ease.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Regular dental visits play a crucial role in maintaining optimal oral health. For most individuals, it’s recommended to see the dentist at least twice a year for comprehensive check-ups and cleanings. These visits allow dentists to detect potential issues early, provide professional cleanings to remove tartar and plaque, and offer guidance on home care. However, if you have specific dental concerns or conditions, such as gum disease, you might need to visit more frequently. It’s always best to consult with your dentist about the ideal frequency for your individual needs.

At what age should my child first see a dentist?

Introducing your child to dental care early is essential for setting the foundation for lifelong oral health. It’s generally recommended to bring your child to the dentist by their first birthday or within six months after their first tooth emerges, whichever comes first. Early visits help in familiarizing your child with the dental environment, checking for early signs of tooth decay, and providing parents with guidance on infant oral care.

How can I effectively prevent cavities?

Cavities, or dental caries, result from the decay of tooth enamel. To prevent them, it’s essential to maintain a robust oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily to remove food particles between teeth, and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash. Additionally, regular dental check-ups, professional cleanings, and a balanced diet low in sugary foods and beverages can significantly reduce the risk of cavities. Using dental products with fluoride and considering dental sealants for children are also effective preventive measures.

Do you offer emergency dental services?

Absolutely. Dental emergencies can arise unexpectedly and often require immediate attention. At Vail Family Dentistry, we prioritize such cases and strive to provide prompt care. Whether it’s a broken tooth, severe toothache, or a lost filling, our team is equipped to address the issue efficiently. If you or a family member encounters a dental emergency, we advise calling our office right away for guidance and to schedule an urgent appointment.

Are dental X-rays safe?

Dental X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool that provides detailed images of your teeth, bones, and surrounding tissues. At Vail Family Dentistry, we utilize modern X-ray technology designed to emit minimal radiation. The amount of radiation exposure from a dental X-ray is extremely low and is considered safe for both children and adults. We also take additional precautions, such as using lead aprons, to ensure the utmost safety for our patients.

What are the signs of gum disease?

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an inflammation of the gums that can progress to affect the bone supporting the teeth. Early signs include red, swollen, or bleeding gums, especially during brushing or flossing. As it advances, symptoms may include persistent bad breath, receding gums, loose teeth, and even tooth loss. Regular dental check-ups are vital as they can help in the early detection and treatment of gum disease.

How can I improve the whiteness of my teeth?

Teeth can become discolored due to various factors, including consumption of staining foods/beverages, smoking, certain medications, and aging. To improve the whiteness of your teeth, consider professional teeth whitening services offered at our clinic. We provide safe and effective treatments that can significantly enhance the brightness of your smile. Additionally, maintaining good oral hygiene and reducing the intake of staining substances can help in preserving the whiteness of your teeth.

Top 5 Pillars of Healthy Teeth: A Family, General, and Preventative Dentistry Guide

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      Why it’s important: Regular visits to your family dentist help in early detection of potential issues like cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer. Professional cleanings remove tartar and plaque that regular brushing might miss. Starting these visits early for children not only ensures their oral health but also establishes a routine, making dental visits a normal part of their health regimen as they grow.


      Brushing and flossing daily remove food particles and prevent the buildup of plaque, which is the primary cause of tooth decay and gum disease. Using fluoride toothpaste strengthens tooth enamel, making it less susceptible to decay. Flossing, on the other hand, ensures the spaces between teeth are clean, preventing gum diseases.


      Consuming a diet rich in vitamins and minerals promotes strong teeth and gums. Limiting sugary foods and drinks reduces the risk of cavities. Sugar feeds the harmful bacteria in the mouth, producing acids that erode the tooth enamel. By reducing sugar intake and ensuring a balanced diet, you’re proactively preventing potential dental issues.


      Fluoride is a natural mineral that strengthens tooth enamel and prevents decay. Ensure that the entire family, especially children, use fluoride toothpaste. For those living in areas without fluoridated water, consult your dentist about fluoride supplements or treatments.


      Physical activities, especially contact sports, can pose a risk to your oral health. Injuries can lead to broken, chipped, or lost teeth. Using mouthguards during sports or physical activities can significantly reduce the risk of dental injuries. If an injury occurs, seeking immediate dental attention can save the tooth and prevent further complications.

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