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What an awesome experience! After having a horrible experience with another Vail Dentist Office, I decided to switch to Vail Family Dentistry. There was absolutely no comparison. Vail Family Dentistry had friendly knowledgeable reception staff, and the people in the back were wonderful as well. Dr. David was AMAZING. So nice and caring and NO UP SELLING. He looked at my X-rays, he proposed a cleaning, and that was it. He spent time with me discussing issues I had, gave me advice on how to handle them at home, game me supplies to use, and was kind to my 8 year old who I brought with me. I cannot thank them enough for restoring my faith in humanity, and alieving my fears of the dentist. The prices were fair, and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Vail Family Dentistry.

Chrystal P.

Teeth Cleaning, Vail Family Dentistry Patient

This is in reference to my first visit to Vail Family Dentistry. It’s been a very pleasant and amazing experience in terms of response, service, attention to patient’s needs, quality of service and the service fees. All of this was experienced from the reception, dental assistance through the dentist. All of them are very nice and humble.

Muhammad A.

New Patient, Dental Experience, Vail Family Dentistry Patient

Amazing place and staff! Everyone treated my son with such care and professionalism. They got my son in last minute for an emergency and took such amazing care of him. Can’t thank them enough, such a blessing!

Steven T.

Pediatric Dental Emergency, Vail Family Dentistry Patient

I haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, so understandably, I was a bit nervous to come in. I had been experiencing some dull tooth pain, and I knew I needed to do something about it. When I walked in to Vail Family Dentistry, everything was so bright and clean. The receptionist was courteous and responsive to my inquiries. The dentist and dental assistant were also equally as nice and courteous to my needs. I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back here.

Alenasioux L.

Nervous Dental Patient, Vail Family Dentistry Patient

They don’t treat me like I’m stupid for being TERRIFIED. I have hated dentists/doctors my whole life and always feel stupid. They don’t make me feel like that when I am there. Today I was able to hold back the tears and stay as calm as I can be in the situation. They do what needs to be done without batting an eye.

Edie S.

Fearful Patient, Comfortable Dentistry, Vail Family Dentistry Patient

I’m really glad I found this dental office. It was clean, comfortable and everyone I had contact with was nice and very professional. Tori was an awesome hygienist. She kept at it until all my stubborn plaque was gone! Thank you for that. My teeth feel wonderful again! The dentist was really nice and gentle as he maneuvered around my mouth. Same with Tori as she did the X-rays. Excellent service all around!

Linda G.

Teeth Cleaning, Vail Family Dentistry Patient

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